While others may look at your success and think it came without hard work, was there a moment when you were overwhelmed, felt like giving up or thought your vision would not come to light? How did you overcome those thoughts?


All the time it is a roller coaster. Owning a small business is challenging, and you are constantly developing yourself along the way you know. It is all about you and facing you, so when it comes to my fears, I speak to them. Anytime I feel fear or stress I figure out why I am feeling them. To overcome those feelings l meditate and surround myself with supportive people like my family, friends, and Ace. So also, I can say that I am not afraid to do it on my own because I believe in myself, so when someone says "oh look this came quickly to her" I do not entertain it because easy is subjective.

-Actress, Speaker,Motivator

Shelah Marie on

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